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Topics include:

  • Introduction to programming Python
  • The mathematics of space
  • Introduction to NURBS and Rhino data structures
  • Systems for generative geometry

We will be covering these topics in depth in addition to several others. To see the curriculum from previous versions of the class click here.

Please see some examples of student work from our sessions in January at MIT and June in Boston here.

Python is an easy and intuitive programming language which makes RhinoScripting easier than ever. This class will provide the high demand skills associated with computational design and architecture while maintaining focus on the principles of design.



"The workshop was genuinely great and profitable for me, and convinced me to pursue python/rhino in my next year teaching."

- Pierre Côté


"The Rhino.Python workshop gave me the keys to start using python, which is an awesome syntax, both powerful and easy to use in Rhino and many other fields."

- Eglantine Bigot-Doll


"Point Crowd exceeded my expectations. As a newcomer to scripting, I was initially intimidated by the context of the course, however the first day introduced both the general concepts of scripting and Python at a pace that allowed for both novices such as myself, and those with more experience."

- Rosie Weinberg


"PointCrowd was great. I found it extremely useful not only for new experiments in design but also as a practical time saver for normally extremely time consuming modeling tasks. ...I have used it for my first design project and final design project this semester in studio ...

I think it is practical and everyone should learn the basics of it, because it is a truly useful skill set to have."

- Christopher Malcolm


"...the class was a great intro to Scripted/Computational Design ... and showed me the benefits of using code for design."

- Enas AlKhudairy


"...even if you know nothing about scripting you can learn a lot by adapting and playing with scripts given in the assigned examples ... They are very patient and answer questions in a way that you will understand."

- Felecia Davis

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