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PointCrowd was developed at MIT by Ari Kardasis with the help of Masoud Akbarzadeh as a way for students and faculty in the School of Architecture to gain familiarity with geometrical scripting in a limited amount of time. Because everyone's reasons for taking the class are different, our goal was to teach cutting edge technology to designers in a way that gives them the power to expand those skills to suite their needs. After a successful first run, we took the course out of the academic setting and opened it up to the public, first in Boston and then in New York. We welcome students, teachers and professionals who are looking to expand their skill set whether it's for a single project or as a means of advancing their career.


Ari Kardasis

Ari is design consultant operating out of New York City where he specializes in computational practice in relation to the material and cultural world. He recently completed a masters from The Computation and Design Group at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He received a Masters of Architecture from Princeton University where he participated expanding the computational profile of the school and completed a thesis focusing on the nature of information vis-a-vis architecture. He has a degree in mathematics from Brown University and he loves to cook.  He blogs his work and interests at

Masoud Akbarzadeh

Masoud is a member of the Computation and Design Group MIT after having completed a Master of Architecture there. He received his Master of Science in Earthquake Engineering from Iran University of Science and Tehcnology. He plays music and enjoys movies.

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